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The Laws Of The Lands.
Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending. Is a very powerful thing.
Welcome to our site.

These rules can also be found in the appropriate section on the board itself. But we've placed them here also for your ease. First off, We do not, or will we ever, claim to have ownership of any of the characters being interpreted here, (apart from possible pre made originals we create) or be in anyway affiliated with the people responsible for the content, and themes, and nature of the show Once Upon A Time.. This is a role play group & entirely for entertainment & recreational purposes.
Now onto business. Welcome. Please be sure to read these thoroughly because they must be upheld to the very letter, to ensure a pleasurable role play experience for all.

-This board will be NC18+ but should still be treated with the greatest respect at all times by all members. There will be very mature themes involved, violence, sex, substance abuse, to name some possible examples. This means, YOU MUST BE AGED 18 OR ABOVE TO REGISTER. . If we suspect you to be below the required age, we reserve the right to remove you at our discretion. As we are using Jcink's premium hosting, Mature themes are now allowed, without violation of the servers T.O.S. So we aim to make full use of this.Just because we deal with fairytales, does not mean we have to be forever twee. We are looking to bring a little grit to this verse.If you cannot handle such things, then this is not for you.

-There may only be one of each character on the board. Even if there are more than one version of said character. (An actor portrays each character EX: Regina/Evil Queen or Wish Realm Hook/Killian Jones. This is still considered the same character. This excludes Prince Charming and Prince James as they are NOT the same character. They are twins.) If your character is already taken please choose another. (There can only be one version of each character despite face claim or realm difference. EX: Cinderella/Rapunzel/or Alice.) You may play more than one character if you truly wish, but keep it to a manageable limit, we would recommend not going above 3 to 4, maximum, as we do not want activity to suffer because of this, that said, you know your own limits. And how much you can handle. Also, they must be characters who do not have cause to interact with each other much, as you would be posting to, & writing with, yourself. If you wish to do that- you might as well just write fan fiction. If picking up more than one character however. You must first have2 or more active storyline threads going with your other character(s)

-All characters welcome, cannon or not. Though we do ask for a fully fleshed out, legible bio of originals before accepting them, we will be picky about this. And do have a guide as to what we accept as an OC, & what we do not. There are restrictions. See the OC Restrictions guide on the site.

if a character is deceased on the show, a well thought way of bringing them back is expected. Do not just simply say they are just still alive, & that is it. Unless you wish to solely keep them in a past timeline or flashbacks.. Or as possibly just an Underbrooke character or a Wish Realm version. Their way of being brought back can even be plotted as a story arc involving other members, but do check & ask with them first.

-Upon acceptance, once you are a member, please take it upon yourself to contact other members. And current members, make new members, feel welcome.! Story lines & such are your own responsibilities, as much as everyone else's, since reaching out to people, & starting threads shows you really do want the role. Please message members individually to discuss storylines, & of course, address people, & pitch things in the plotting section too, & introduce your character in the intro's section.

-Starting posts should always be a minimum of multi Para or longer, without exception, when it comes to proper story lines. We do value quality over quantity, although, we will not accept one-liners and para-role play. This does not mean that we will be expecting you to write out a novella sized post every time, if you are not capable of doing that. We do understand that sometimes shorter replies are preferred to move the role play along occasionally. But this is a multi-para to novella, intermediate - advanced group. This means that we'd like a minimum of 300 - 600 words. When possible. We ask that you do write in storybook format. This means that we'd like you to use quotation marks to distinguish between what is being said and what is being done/described, and third person is preferred. Replies, should of course match the effort of the previous post.

(This of course excludes random silly banter between characters, which may occur as & when, between big story lines, in the general board, & The Rabbit Hole, and of course in any of the on site live IC chat boxes). We do expect proper grammar & literacy, and at no cost do we tolerate text speak.

-Nobody is perfect. We will all make mistakes whether they be grammatical errors or misspelled words. We simply ask for some effort to be put forth. With browsers now coming with built in spell check, this shouldn't be a problem. We are not going to be super strict about this as long as we are capable of deciphering what is being said.

-If your post is intended for a specific set of characters only, tag them in the post title. Example. "I'll always find you." (tag Snow/Charming/Regina). If no-one is tagged in a title, it will be taken as an open thread, & anyone may jump in. The alert & tagging system is now inbuilt too, so you can also tag the people directly.

- THE RPG NEEDS TO HAVE COMMITMENT. If you do not think you can do that, then please do not take a role, as it is frustrating for everyone when storylines fizzle out due to inactivity. We understand that we all have our outside commitments, it's only natural. We have them too. We ask that you are on at least 3 times a week. If you know that there is going to be some reason that you aren't going to be on, PLEASE tell us; so it is not assumed you have abandoned the character, and we are not needlessly waiting around for a thread to continue whilst you are absent. There is a forum on the board to notify us of absences, so there is no excuse not to do so.

*If you fail to log in for 4 weeks or more, without notification of your absence, we reserve the right to re-open your role to someone else who wants it. Similarly, if you do nothing with your character but simply log in & do not post or make yourself present, we reserve the same right.

-You have free reign to do, pretty much, anything you want within storylines. Particularly as we have no overall set time line, or plot. Aside from the event storylines when one is running. Which will effect the board as a whole. But you should stick within the boundaries of who your character is. We would like to keep things as canon as possible relationships wise, though we are not completely opposed to shaking them up, & won't strictly enforce this, outiside of the main cast. Certain canon pairings we feel are pretty key to this site. And to the over all story of the show it self, so we would like to keep them together. Such as Snow & Charming. And Emma & Hook. We do know connections in writing arise where they arise, so we will never force someone to be a love interest to another, if they do not want it. But do bare in mind those we wish to keep as on the show, before you apply, if you are not a fan of those ships.

This rule also goes for character's who do not actually have a set love interest in the show. Slash pairings are allowed, so long as it has been discussed & agreed with all parties involved, & the admin. We are very LGBT friendly here.

*An additional note on this rule. Do NOT, under any circumstances, apply for a role, based solely on a love interest. Particularly when you state in your application, that a love interest does not matter to you. This is unacceptable. Choosing a role, to obtain a specific character as a love interest, & then constantly complaining about their affections for another, & continuously, making no effort to converse with anyone else but them, shall not be tolerated. Please choose a character you love, for being them. And have a flair for. And want to write adventures with. Not, for just hooking up with someone who has a pretty face you like. -Of course, if you are filling a wanted ad for a love interest. This is different.

-Please keep an admin updated on what's going on in your RPs in messages, if it has notable repercussions on Storybrooke, or any of the lands themselves, or impacts other characters, as remember, actions, have consequences. Remember. We want it to be as on the show, everything connects with everything else, somewhere down the line. Any questions about story lines etc also ask them there too. Though there will be threads started to discuss these too, in the plotting section.

-If you do not have the ability to read minds then please do NOT act on peoples thoughts. In other words, NO god moders please. People are capable of controlling their own characters. It is their job to. Unless of course it is some form of enchantment, & it has been discussed before hand.

- Do not act as if your character has no flaws or faults. Everyone has a weakness. You are not infallible. You are not the absolute best at absolutely everything. Any characters created along this line, or refuse to give & take, & wish to monopolise everything, or, be the constant centre of attention, shall be denied, or removed. Even the Dark One has weaknesses.

- We do not tolerate any OUT OF CHARACTER drama. If you attempt to start any, you will be gone. Simple as. Any problems with fellow members, do not let it escalate out of control and try to suck everyone else into it. Try to resolve it quietly, like adults, or simply explain the problem to an admin in private, and we will take matters from there.

-Any breaking of the above rules will result in temporary suspension from the board on the first instance and deletion on the second. Staff are not exempt from these rules- Do not abuse any power given to you eg: Admin/Moderator or said power will be removed, and your account may also.

So be warned.

- Images. Play by's or face claims are required. You must have an avatar for your character accounts. Any horribly drawn images, doodles, anime, cartoon images or other pictures that don't clearly define the character, will be removed at the staff's discretion. If you are writing as a character from an animated movie etc, then you are required to find a real life model/actor to portray them.

No images ANYWHERE on the site of anyone 13 years of age, or under. This includes in posts, & storyline art. As this is in infringement of the terms of service, & an offence. Also, when it comes to playby selection, we are no longer accepting faces of anyone, Or Characters under the age of 18.

Graphics. Please make sure that your signature is not taller than four hundred pixels or wider than five hundred pixels. Please make sure that avatars are [b]two hundred and Twenty pixels wide[/b], & [b]four hundred pixels tall.[/b] 220x400. We reserve the right to remove any avatar or signature that breaks formatting, or causes significantly noticeable slow page load times. We also reserve the right to remove offensive images, or ones contrary to the jcink/Storybrooke terms, as per the second rule above.

But the most important thing of all...

Remember, all magic has a price, your actions have consequences, true love is worth fighting for, and one final thing....have fun.

Do you enjoy the pleasure of writing?
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